A Judge for All of Brazoria County

Meet Greg Rincon

Having been long time residents of Brazoria County, Greg Rincon and his wife, Veronica, have made Brazoria County their home for almost 20 years.  Greg and Veronica have been married for over 22 years and have been blessed with two children, Araceli and Greg Jr. The Rincon Family have been parishioners of St. Helen Catholic Church for 20 years. Greg and Veronica chose Brazoria County to be their home, the place to raise their children and establish Greg’s law firm practice.

Greg has been practicing law for almost TWO DECADES.  Even before graduating law school and passing the State of Texas Bar Exam, the Supreme Court of Texas and the Texas Bar approved Greg to argue cases in local courts before a judge because of his academic performance and support of a licensed attorney.  While other students were still in the classroom, Greg was in the courtroom.

Since that time, Greg has been representing clients in Civil, Criminal, Family, Guardianship, Juvenile and Probate law cases.  He has represented thousands of clients over almost TWO DECADES of legal practice.  He has tried cases in Misdemeanor Court, Felony Court, and Federal Court, both before a Judge and/or a jury of your peers.

Greg’s outstanding legal experience has been recognized by local judges through court appointments to represent the interest of children in Civil, Juvenile, and Family court cases.  Greg has also been appointed by local judges to represent adults in Civil, Criminal, Family, Guardianship, and Probate cases.  So as you can see, Greg is the candidate immediately prepared to sit on the Bench on January 1, 2023, and begin hearing cases before County Court At Law No.2.

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